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FV9HAB - Mid Profile Cockpit Panel with Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo Support
FV9HAB - Mid Profile Cockpit Panel with Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo Support

FV9HAB - Mid Profile Cockpit Panel with Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo Support

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Flight Velocity leads the way again with this patented panel that is specially designed to support the Honeycomb yoke and throttle quadrant (when the latter becomes available). In the meantime, this panel provides you mount points for two Logitech throttle quadrants as well as the other Logitech gear.

The FV9HAB Mid Profile Cockpit Panel allows you ample space for a standard complement of six-pack gauges, navigation instruments, as well as radios, throttle quadrants, multi panels, and of course the Honeycomb flight yoke and throttle quadrant.

This panel, like all of our products, is designed from the desk up for strength, durability, and high performance. Proudly constructed in the USA from high-strength ABS plastics, the FV9HAB Panel will give you hours of realistic flight time at an equally realistic price.

BLANK PANEL ONLY, flight controls sold separately.

  • Future proof - Compatible with both Logitech throttle quadrants AND Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo flight controls!
  • Room for the Honeycomb yoke, Logitech or Honeycomb throttle quadrant, six-pack, nav instruments, radios, multi-panel, and our industry-exclusive iPad mounting system.
  • Fully compatible with Saitek / Logitech G and Honeycomb Aeronautical hardware.
  • Patented design proudly constructed in the USA from high-strength ABS plastics.
  • Dimensions: 31 1/8"w x 17 1/4"h (total) x 6"d - Actual panel height is 15"" off the mounting surface.

Installation notes:
For those who have the first-gen version of this panel, purchased before mid-December 2020, please see the installation instructions here - https://flightvelocity.com/blogs/flight-velocity-blog/how-to-mount-the-honeycomb-bravo-into-our-fv6hab-and-fv9hab-panels. 

For panels purchased after mid-December 2020 that have the larger Bravo cutout, as seen above, you simply mount the Bravo as you did the Alpha. Here's a quick video on how the panel fits with the Alpha and Bravo (the FV6HAB is shown in this video, but both the FV6HAB and FV9HAB fit the same way).

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