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Flight Velocity Dual Trim Wheel Pro
Flight Velocity Dual Trim Wheel Pro
Flight Velocity Dual Trim Wheel Pro

Flight Velocity Dual Trim Wheel Pro

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We took the functionality of our very popular Trim Wheel Pro, added another wheel for rudder trim, and put both on a surface mount unit fit for any simulator! 

Both the elevator and rudder trim wheels have our industry-exclusive pilot-adjustable sensitivity controls right on the unit. Independently adjust the sensitivity of each wheel as you fly, no need for plugins or other workarounds! 

Product details:

  • Pilot-adjustable sensitivity controls on the unit - independently adjust the sensitivity of each wheel as you fly, no need for plugins or other workarounds!
  • A refined digital encoder is at the heart of each wheel. This yields an improved tactile feel and finer control compared to other wheels.
  • Custom firmware that allows the wheels to be seen by the simulator as axes providing a higher level of control.

The Flight Velocity Dual Trim Wheel Pro is fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, X-Plane, Prepar3D, FSX, and the Redbird Jay! Take your flight sim to the next level with this simple, yet integral part of the flight sim experience. 

Dimensions: 6.5" w x 6" h


Plug both USB cables (included) from the unit into your PC or USB hub. The elevator and rudder trim wheels will be automatically recognized and installed by the computer. Next, follow the instructions below.


Instructions for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020:

  • Click Options >Controls

  • Select "Flight Velocity Trim Wheel/Pro"

  • Search for "Elevator Trim" in the box on the left

  • Select Elevator Trim Axis (-100 to 100%)
  • Under "Select an input" choose "Joystick Slider X", then click "Validate"

  • Move the trim wheel and verify that the white bar moves with it, then hit "Apply & Save"

Installation instructions for X-Plane

  • Plug in the trim wheel and launch X-Plane.
  • If you see a screen stating that it doesn't recognize the device, click understood and move on.
  • Next, click settings > Joystick
  • Choose Flight Velocity Trim Wheel as your device
  • Search for "Pitch Trim" from the dropdown
  • Once selected, when you move the trim wheel, the blue bar under the drop down will move at the wheel is moved.
  • Click done, and you're done!

Installation instructions for the Redbird Jay Flight Simulator

  1. Boot up system
  2. Load a flight on the system.
  3. Once loaded, pause the flight (F12)
  4. Plug in the Flight Velocity Trim Wheel Pro in the USB on the back of the system.
  5. Bring down the menu bar at the top of the simulation screen (Alt key).
  6. On the menu bar, select Options -> Settings.
  7. Navigate to the Controls section of the menu.
  8. Navigate to the Axes tab.
  9. Clear/Delete any default mappings (select an item, then click "Remove Assignment"
  10. Map the controls/axes to the functions you'd like them to perform. E.G.:
    - Select Elevator Trim axis/line
    - Click New Assignment
    - Physically move the Elevator Trim (in either direction)
    - You should see a "Slider" (or another letter axis) appear in the Assignment window.
  11. Click on the Calibration tab
  12. Adjust the "Sensitivity" and "Null Zone" sliders according to your preferences.
Repeat this process for the Rudder Trim Axis
Enjoy your flight!

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