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Flight Velocity Dual Encoder
Flight Velocity Dual Encoder
Flight Velocity Dual Encoder
Flight Velocity Dual Encoder
Flight Velocity Dual Encoder

Flight Velocity Dual Encoder

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 The Flight Velocity Dual Encoder allows you to utilize Air Manager software to operate various rotary controls in your flight simulator. It consists of two concentric encoders, an inner and an outer, with a push button in the center... just like a real aircraft. 

When flashed in Air Manager as a "DIY Knobster", it runs in conjunction with a touch screen as seen on our Pro Series Model 4, FV11, or FV12 kits. Air Manager software is required for the device to function.

What's in the box:

  • Flight Velocity Dual Encoder
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Surface mount hardware


For more detail, see the instructions on the Sim Innovations Wiki


If you encounter an issue with flashing the Dual Encoder and it states "unable to set COM state" please follow the below instructions to resolve issue: 

Open up device manager (Hold the windows key and press "X"), Select Device Manager

Once in device manager look for the tab called "Ports (COM & LPT)". You should see an option along the lines of CH340, or CH430 (depending on the driver version installed. Once we have found the correct device (CH340, or CH430) please right click on that device and select "Update Driver"

Select the bottom option "Browse my computer for drivers", then select the bottom option again, "Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer". You should now see a list of downloaded drivers, if one of them shows a date near the end of its name around 2019-2021 (any of those years will work) please select it and click next. Should you not have an option like I stated, please take a screen shot of your available options and email us: support@flightvelocity.com we can assist. Provided your PC did have the driver, ranging from 2019-2021 and it installed for you, try re-flashing the Dual Encoder. You can also download the correct driver here: Driver Link

On panels up to 1/16" in thickness, the unit is mounted from behind the panel using the included washer and nut. 3/16" panels will require a recessed area 5/8" in diameter and 1/8" deep. In either case, the center hole diameter is 0.23". See the diagram below.


  • Air Manager software (for PC) IS REQUIRED for this unit to function, it WILL NOT function on its own.
  • This unit will not work with the iPad version of Air Manager - you can, however, use your iPad as a monitor using 3rd party software like Duet, and run Air Manager from your PC.
  • This unit will not work with KnobXP/KnobFS (VR).

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