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Flight Velocity GNS530
Flight Velocity GNS530
Flight Velocity GNS530
Flight Velocity GNS530
Flight Velocity GNS530

Flight Velocity GNS530

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Our GNS530 provides an ultra-realistic experience for use with the Garmin 530 GPS Nav/Comm unit found in today's most popular simulators.  This is the best way to learn the functionality of the Garmin 530 and is much more realistic than using the mouse or a touch screen. 

  • Metal Knobs and Tactile Buttons: We've painstakingly recreated the functionality of the Garmin 530. This enables you to easily master menu navigation, flight plan loading, and approach procedure handling.

  • Effortless Comm Radio Frequency Adjustment: Say goodbye to the frustration of fumbling with a mouse. Our GN530 streamlines the process, fostering the development of muscle memory and enhancing your proficiency essential for instrument flying.

  • Enhanced Sim Training: Elevate the effectiveness of your simulation training, making it a true reflection of real-world flying experiences.

  • Ready to Use: There's no need for assembly, 3D printing, soldering, or any other extra work; it comes fully assembled and ready for action.
This product is an excellent tool for honing your skills in instrument flying procedures. This hands-on experience enables you to gain proficiency in operating the Garmin 530 interface and controls, ultimately ensuring you're better equipped for your actual lessons with a CFII.

What's in the box?

  • GNS530 – 1 pcs
  • USB cable – 1 pcs
  • HDMI cable - 1 pcs
  • AC power adapter - 1 pcs


  • X-Plane 11/12
  • P3D*

Installation on X-Plane:

  1. Download these files
  2. Unzip into \X-Plane-1x\Resources\joystick configs
  3. Start sim

Important Note*:

This unit works with P3D when the device controls are manually mapped in the sim. Forthcoming launcher software will automate this process.