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Flight Velocity Console Series - Cessna G1000 Empty Console
Flight Velocity Console Series - Cessna G1000 Empty Console
Flight Velocity Console Series - Cessna G1000 Empty Console

Flight Velocity Console Series - Cessna G1000 Empty Console

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Gear For Every Mission®

If you're looking for an authentic Cessna training tool, we have the answer. Our Console Series Cessna G1000 Empty Console offers configurations for Cessna 172, 182, and 206 aircraft models. 

Each unit is built to professional standards for BATD and AATD-certified simulators and is designed to be affordable while providing an extremely realistic experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pilot, our Console Series Cessna G1000 Simulator unit allows you to practice proper checklist flows, scans, instrument procedures, emergency procedures, and more in order to enhance your flying experience.

Build Quality

Flight Velocity CNC MachineLike all of our products, the Console Series Simulator is designed, precision CNC cut, and manufactured in-house, here in the USA. We utilize a combination of ABS, PVC, and Aluminum materials to produce a faithful representation of the Cennsa cockpit.

The console measures 40" wide with a total height of 19" (14" from the table to the top of the glare shield) and a total depth of 8-14" depending on the yoke used.

Features and Functionality

Each Console Series unit is constructed of ABS, PVC, and Aluminum materials.

Supports the following:

  • RealSimGear G1000 Suite
  • Life-like backup gauges
  • 1:1 sized Cessna switch panel
  • 1:1 sized Cessna breaker panel with 5-position mag switch
  • Vernier Style Throttle, Prop, and Mixture controls
  • 4-Position Flap Lever
  • ELT Switch
  • Under Glare Shield LED lighting

Complete Your Simulator

If you would like to complete the simulator with a PC and monitor, here are our suggestions:

Flight Velocity PC - Model 2

Each Flight Velocity PC is expertly assembled by hand. We ensure that every component is properly installed, secured, and wired.

Warranty and Support
We back every PC up with a 1 Year Limited Warranty & Lifetime Technical Support. We can work with you through a remote internet connection to fix most of your problems or perform common diagnostics if necessary.

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4K 49in Curved Gaming Monitor

Curved for stunning immersion, the super ultra-wide 32:9 monitor ratio with the 1800R curvature completely wraps around your field of vision. This 5120 x 1440p monitor delivers images with phenomenal color reproduction and a high 120Hz refresh rate.

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Flight Velocity Monitor Riser

Our monitor riser provides a large stable platform with height adjustments from 6.5" to 10.5" above the desk. The riser is capable of handling loads in excess of 100 lbs, so you'll have no issues with even the heaviest of displays.

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