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The Knobster by Siminnovations
The Knobster by Siminnovations
The Knobster by Siminnovations
The Knobster by Siminnovations

The Knobster by Siminnovations

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The Siminnovations Knobster is a single knob that allows for the realistic operation of every dial / rotary switch / knob on your Air Manager or Air Player cockpit panel.

It works in touch or mouse control mode and emulates single and dual rotary encoders including an integral push button. When paired with a touchscreen monitor, the combo makes for an incredibly versatile flight sim setup. 

When used in a VR setup, the Knobster provides the physical control needed to manipulate avionics components selected within the flight sim environment.

Note, this product ONLY works with Air Manager and Air Player for Desktop or the KnobXP plugin for X-Plane 11 (VR).

How It Works

1. Touch or click any standard Air Manager or Air Player panel knob to assign the Knobster to control that knob or set of knobs. The knob or set of knobs will be yellow highlighted.

2. Grab the Knobster and operate the set of knobs (and push button if present on the panel) just like the real knob in a hardware cockpit. This operates much more realistically and quickly than with mouse clicks or touch control gestures.

knobster functions

  Single dial in panel Dual dial in panel
Inner knob Either knob makes an input to dial Inner knob input
Outer knob Outer knob input
Push button Push button input if present


Included in the box:
• Fully assembled Knobster
• USB-C cable 1.5 meter / 4.9 feet
• 4 screws for mounting M2.9 x 9.5
• Quick start guide

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